Technical Department

Scale Repairs

Don’t wait until your equipment breaks down as a result of lack of services or maintenance. Speak to our technical staff right now, and be sure to have that most valued equipment serviced or repaired or maintained.

Our technical department offers a full repair/service in-house and on-site for you convenience. Service contracts are also available and offers great benefits such as lower call out or labour rates, free loan equipment and free repair quotes. We service, repair or maintain all makes of scales providing there are parts available when needed… So don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you!


Appliance Department

meat slicer

Our appliance department has grown from strength to strength and we are proud to have been servicing the largest retail store group for over 10 years now and with another on-board for the last 4 years.

We can service, repair and/or maintain any make of meat slicer, vacuum machine, band saw, potato peeler, microwaves and mostly any other butchery, deli, bakery etc. equipment. Call us now… We collect and deliver!


Calibration Department

scale calibration

UWE Scales (South Africa), has its own accredited Lab for S.A.N.A.S Calibrations, these done under the umbrella of S.A.N.A.S and our own S.A.B.S together with standards as set out at the I.S.O. (International Standards Organisation).

Our calibrations extend not just to scales, but also flow, temperature and pressure calibrations. Contact our sales staff to discuss your needs and provide you with a quotation tailor made to your needs… We look forward to hearing from you!


SANAS Reports

South African National Accreditation System (SANAS)


A report gives a person no indication as to the performance of their scale i.e. the repeatability, linearity or of centre errors.  There is no uncertainty included in a report as to indicate to the customer if his scale is performing to their needs or requirements.


A SANAS calibration gives customer detailed information as how there scale performs in so far as possible errors.  They need to be aware of when weighing something, it provides them with a clear possible uncertainty in measurement, and allows them to make corrections in so far as linearity is concerned. A SANAS calibration allows a person to look at methods of improving loss of stock, and under or over supplying their clients i.e. if scale repeatability, of centre errors or linearity is not up to requirements.  This certificate also makes the customer aware that a load cell must be replaced or the necessary repairs under taken to improve the scales performance.